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Bots are used to automate something — anything. What if you knew how to make your own from scratch?
Learn about the process for creating your own bots, whether that’s a chatbot, game bot, or automated task.

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Discord Bot Hosting

Learn how to host a discord bot that’s up 24/7, without relying on your own personal computer or hardware. By using a reliable virtual private server (VPS) host, we’re able to ensure our bot is up 24/7, 365 without any hiccups. Read the WriteBots Discord Bot Hosting Guide today, and get your bot up and running with a solid 99.9% uptime!

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Discord Bots

Whether you’re looking for the next best Discord bot to add to your server, or are interested in making your own bot from scratch — we all have to start somewhere. Explore our bot search guides and dive into some of our bot development tutorials to get a head start and begin creating the Discord bot of your dreams.

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Discord App Help

We all occasionally have a pesky issue or error pop up when using the Discord App, and this section is all about helping you resolve those issues with minimal headache. Whether you’re struggling with some discord features or are facing a “javascript error” on the application, browsing around the WriteBots Discord App Help section of this website should get you some answers.

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Discord Servers

There are thousands of Discord servers these days, but how can you find the best community for your next endeavor? In the WriteBots Popular Discord Servers section of this website, we cover lists and directories of popular Discord servers, ranging from various games to social communities. You may just find that perfect public server you’ve been searching for.

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